YPM Championships

YPMRC run 3 championships, National, Clubman and Rookie.

The championships do not run in line with the ACU licence level held by the rider. We run a different criteria to make it fair.

National: Everyone entered in the meeting is included in this championship.

YPM Clubman: Only for members that qualify for YPM clubman status. Must be a YPMRC paid up member.

YPM Rookie: YPM rookies only. No more than 4 racedays entered previously in any class. Must be a YPMRC paid up member.

So if your a rookie you are entered in the rookie and national championships. A clubman is entered in clubman and national championships. A rookie can not be entered in clubman. A national is only entered in the national championship.

YPMRC Rider Classification Regulations

1. YPM Clubman to YPM National Upgrade Rule as follows: (this is for YPM class purposes only – ACU regs applicable for your actual ACU licence upgrade)

• Minimum 10 signatures obtained on separate race days (max 2 signatures per weekend)

• Minimum 3 x separate circuits

• Finish time to be within 105% of the race winners time

• Must finish on the same lap as the race winner

• Results to be used – Season just completed plus two previous seasons ( so for 2019 season results from 2016,2017 and 2018 to set clubman / national status )

2. A Rookie will upgrade to a Clubman (except as per point 4 below) once they have completed their Rookie season and have done four or more race race days. This can be two full meetings, including a Club Bike weekend, or odd race days across a number of meetings.

3. If a rider wins the Clubman Championship but does not attain the criteria in point 1 above, they will still automatically be upgraded to YPM National Status, meaning a rider cannot defend a Clubman title.

4. A Rookie who achieves the criteria in point 1 above will automatically be upgraded to National without contesting the Clubman championship.

Supplementary Rules / Guidelines

a. Agreed that the Rules and guidelines for the administration of the YPMRC championship rules are brought in house via the current coordinator team.

b. There is a “no relegation” system in place. That is a rider who upgrades to clubman or national will not drop back to novice or clubman irrespective of results. ( exceptional cases will be considered by the coordinators ).

c. Returning Riders – A rider who has won the Overall YPM championship will always be classed a national rider irrespective of the year the title was won. A rider who was a front runner with a national licence within the last five years will return as a national rider. Riders returning after not racing in any class for over five years will return as a Clubman by default ( exceptional cases will be considered by the coordinators ).

d. The coordinators reserve the right to change a rider classification depending on race results and to keep the sub championships fair.