Points Tables 2018

YPM National

1Peter Branton340
2Doug Edmondson238
3Scott Grant161
4Ben Miles146
5Denis Halil91
6Andrew Burscough85
7Michael Stanley84
8Reece Guyett76
9Andy Davies73
10Paul Whitby61
11Scott Carson58
12David Abraham54
13Douglas Beacock49
14Dan Wright49
15Matt Barber43
16Paul Welch42
17Neil MacQueen41
18Pete Fishwick40
19Geoff Mook40
20Jeremy Hill37
21Lee Huff31
22Paul Godbold21
23Ben Hunter20
24Kevin Marshall16
25Andrew Tempest12
26Paul Middleton8
27Lorraine Anson8
28Max House6
29Danny Gough4
30Chris Rogers4
31Len Whalin1

YPM Clubman

1Andrew Burscough257
2Douglas Beacock224
3Paul Godbold215
4Kevin Marshall117
5Lee Huff117
6Paul Middleton108
7Max House98
8Denise Button91
9David Paterson67
10Andrew Tempest66
11Gary Button53
12Mark Elleray44
13Neil Hesman41
14Kevin Higerty34
15Len Whalin24
16Sarah English23
17Zak Perrin22
18Martin Pearson15

YPM Rookie

1Geoff Mook296
2Scott Carson245
3Danny Gough202
4Neil Zwartouw59
5Adam Halil45
6John Harrison42
7Lorraine Anson41
8Paul Millington35
9David Bowler33
10Mick Geary11

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