YPM Taster Weekend

The YPM Taster weekend is designed to allow those that are seriously thinking about going racing to experience a full weekends racing and testing without having to worry about the expense of buying all the equipment.  A sort of try it out before you commit.

This is not an experience type package, this is real racing!

The Taster weekend will usually comprise of :
  • The use of one of our race prepared TZR250 club bike
  • Race entry costs for 4 races
  • A full days testing (on the preceding Friday)
  • Full technical support from a YPM member
  • Race fuel
  • Loan of Race transponder
  • 2 stroke oil
  • Tyres
  • Basic spares package
  • All equipment will be transported to the circuit for you
  • No damage excess (ie the cost of the weekend is fixed)
All you need to do is turn up with your ACU licence, 1-piece leathers, boots, lid, gloves, and dog tag. A back protector is also advisable. During the weekend you will be supported by at least 1 YPM member (more often there will be many YPMers helping you out when they can). The total cost for the weekend is either £500 or £550, depending on the curcuit. If you don’t have an ACU licence then we can help you get one. You will need to join a Motorcycle Racing Club (eg BMCRC – Bemsee). Depending on your age and any previous racing experience you will need to pass the ACU CTC licence course, which involves some class work and track time.  See the BMCRC website for details. Trackday organisations are also offering ACU Licence courses. Please note that the cost of the Taster weekend does not include the cost of joining a club (around £30) or the ACU CTC course (£30), or the cost of the ACU licence (£43). If you would like more information please use the contact form.

We are not currently offering postage options on orders. Any orders placed will need to be collected from a race meeting. Dismiss