Club Bike Taster Weekend FAQ

How much does the Taster Weekend cost and what does it include?

The weekend will cost circa £550 depending on the circuit chosen – This will get you the ride on the bike for the test day which should amount to nearly 1.5 hours of track time, 15 minutes qualifying on the Saturday morning followed by 2 races – Sunday is a quick 2-3 lap warm up if required and then 2 more races – Also included is all fuel and oil needed for the weekend along with the transponder hire.

Tim Moore riding the YPM Club Bike


What other costs do I need to consider ?

In order to get your license you will have to pay for the following

– ACU CTC course – £130

– Eyesite Test – avg £20

– ACU license – £48

– Bemsee Membership £35

What is the CTC ?

This is the ACU approved course that every rider must take before being allowed to race – Its called the certified to compete course – Its compulsory – You cann take this course at various places around the UK but the headquarters of the ACU at Rugby is where most take it – Bemsee do run it at their Rookie training day in Febuary.

How do I book the weekend ?

The taster weekend works on a first come first served basis. (although if you wish you may also ask to be put on standby just in case someone drops out). Check the availability page on the YPMRC website. If the weekend you want is still available then contact us stating your preferred date/s, and a contact number for us to get back to you. Remember that you will need to build in sufficient time to obtain your ACU licence if you don’t already have one.

A £100 deposit is taken to secure your booking with the remaining amount payable 4 weeks in advance of the meeting.

Who should I contact

Initially contact Den Grant, please email

What bike will I be riding ?

The bike is a Yamaha TZR250 2MA

Is there an age restriction ?

The range of riders is currently 18 to 60+ – you have to be at least 16 to ride this bike..

What equipment do I need ?

You will need a full set of leathers, an ACU approved crash helmet, gloves, boots and a back protector – If you need to buy any of this we can help get you fitted out with good gear and some discount too

Who do I see on the day I arrive to race ?

There will be a handful of YPM riders that will already be known to you plus there is also the main contact of Bemsee – Don’t worry there will be someone to look after you the whole weekend..

Can I arrive the day before the meeting starts ?

Yes – As you will be testing on a Friday we recommend you get to the track on Thursday evening to get settled, try the bike for size and ask any further questions. There’s nothing worse than rushing on your first day racing

What circuits do you race at ?

Generally the YPM class will be at a selection of these circuits through the year, Brands Hatch (Indy and GP circuit), Snetterton (200/300), Cadwell Park, Pembrey, Oulton Park, Donnington & Silverstone (International circuit)

Do I have to pay to fix it if I crash it ?

Currently we are not charging – this may change if riders keep crashing it…

How many bikes are normally on the grid ?

On average we would expect 25-30 bikes.

What do you expect from me ?

All we ask is you don’t hesitate to ask anything at anytime – If you feel nervous, don’t worry this is natural even the most seasoned racers get nervous – Do not under any circumstances worry about being last – There is no shame and finally please provide feedback to the club good or bad of your Racing experience..