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Spectator Ticket Offer

The Yamaha Past Masters class are a friendly bunch of racers on 1980s two-strokes who are looking for new riders to come out and join the action.

We're part of the prestigious British Motorcycle Racing Club (Bemsee) and we'd like to invite you along to one of our race meetings as our guests so you can find out what it's all about. No charge, no obligation.

We'll tell you all we can about how to start racing with us and let you know about bikes for sale, preparation, the finer details, the costs and of course the fun.

So if you've always been curious about racing, or maybe were wondering what to do with that Yamaha TZR/LC/YPVS sitting in the garage, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We'll make sure there are free spectator tickets on the gate for you at our next meeting.

Image by David Fagan

YPM Taster Weekend

The YPM Taster weekend is designed to allow those that are seriously thinking about going racing to experience a full weekends racing and testing without having to worry about the expense of buying all the equipment.  A sort of try it out before you commit. 

This is not an experience type package, this is real racing!

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Getting Started

So you want to come racing with us?

Before you can make loads of noise and pollute the countryside of England and Wales with two stroke fumes, you must obtain a race licence from the Auto Cycle Union (ACU). A licence costs around £25 per year. You must take an eye test, belong to the British Racing Motorcycle Club (BEMSEE) and complete a Competence To Comete (CTC) type test to get a race licence. The folks at Bemsee are particularly good at making the obtaining a licence process as easy as possible, send off for an application form for your ACU licence from the ACU, complete it, get an eye test and send it all off to Bemsee with their club membership application. The club will forward your ACU application to the ACU for you. Easy!

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YPM Taster FAQ

How much does the Taster Weekend cost and what does it include?

The weekend will cost circa £550 depending on the circuit chosen – This will get you the ride on the bike for the test day which should amount to nearly 1.5 hours of track time, 15 minutes qualifying on the Saturday morning followed by 2 races – Sunday is a quick 2-3 lap warm up if required and then 2 more races – Also included is all fuel and oil needed for the weekend along with the transponder hire.

Tim Moore riding the YPM Club Bike

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