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About Us

Yamaha Past Masters (YPM) is a motorcycle racing championship, run in the uk under the control of the British Motorcycle Racing Club (BMCRC/Bemsee) - The series is designated to  Yamaha’s legendary two-stroke parallel twins of the 1980s. It embraces the RD250LC and RD350LC, RD350YPVS, TZR250 and TDR250, all lining up on the same grid.

YPM's in action
Image by David Fagan

YPMRC was formed for the riders as a club by the riders who bought into the club, the ethos and spirit of the class - Out of this came the class statement of 'Competing on a budget - Racing on the limit'

Being part of the British Motorcycle Racing Club (Bemsee), Britain’s oldest racing club, enables the class to race at the top-level circuits around the UK. As a club championship, it’s open to anyone with a racing licence, or anyone who is willing to obtain one from the ACU Road Racing Department

Racing in YPM is one of the cost-effective ways of getting into the exciting world of motorcycle racing, because the bikes are relatively cheap to buy and run, with the odd one still lurking probably in a shed near you.... The YPM club’s infamous comerarderie, makes for a greate paddock atmosphere where no one wants for help or parts in the event of an emergency..Novices get a great help in their introction to racinf also with the expert guidance froom Bemsee's rookie school, instructors and the YPM Family spirit will ensure all riders family and friends feel part of something special - Whether its one race , 1 meeting, 1 year or more you wont have any more fun in leather....

To find out more about joining in, go to our COME RACING section for advice. There are also details of a SPECTATOR TICKET OFFER to come and watch a race day and meet the YPM racers.