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Re: Monikers.

Postby UrangOtang » Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:03 am

A Donkey ? a Fecking Donkey ? Cheers,over the years I've been known a lot worse.

Yes,riders,I've had a few.The bike is a bit of a slag.It's been riden by all sorts,if you listen carefully,she's even got a bit of a northern accent.
But mr H,your list of "animals".Have you noticed that the times when I've not been at the meeting,are the times the bike has come back to me in several boxes.In Pats case it was strewn over several counties.Hyena Boy returned it with some carbs attached that were not mine*,and the Horse whisperer has not been seen by me since he took the bike to Donny.I assume it was a good weekend ?
Chubby Chequer has assuered me that his moniker for next year shall not be the Walrus,for he will be Slim Finney,a bit like a Gazelle.

*Yeah,that reminds me to ask who mistakenly put some shite carbs on my bike after "borrowing" mine at Pembers when Terry was in the bar ?

pm me in confidence if anyone knows whats what.

The Donkey
13B.and don't forget it .
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Tail Ender
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Re: Monikers.

Postby Finski#13 » Mon Sep 09, 2013 8:01 pm

Who put that picture on here that was a top secret Nipponese test rider called Asuka Hiragana.

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